A bit about me

I'm a Full-Stack Engineer and I like to build cool shit. As you can see with the below timeline, I like to build and ship 🚒 products often, as working on new and interesting problems energizes me.

In the mornings, I like a nice single-origin Chemex pour-over. Sometimes I'll meditate using Headspace, but nowadays not so much.

I tend to listen to audiobooks while I work out, work on keyboards, work on side projects, or fall asleep. Some things that I've enjoyed listening to are the Mistborn Trilogy, the Old Man's War series (or most stuff by John Scalzi), The Almanack of Naval Ravikant, the Red Rising series, and certainly the Three-Body Problem Trilogy (The Dark Forest was so good).

Some podcasts that I listen to are Up First, The Daily, The Indicator, Planet Money, and/or My First Million.

In my free time, you can find me playing Hunt: Showdown or grinding on the VALORANT or League of Legends ladders. I'm currently comfortably mid-Gold MMR in both. If I'm not feeling up to playing games, chances are I'm hacking on a side project of some sort β€” either learning new tech or attempting to build a cash-flow positive side hustle.

Occasionally, I will play around and customize my mechanical keyboard. My daily driver is a Navy Frog TKL with Gateron Black Ink V2s, TX stabs, and GMK Hammerhead keycaps.

Here's the stack that I like to work with:

  • Frontend: React, Nextjs (hosted on Vercel), theme-ui/styled-system/styled-components, TailwindCSS, GraphQL
  • Backend: Golang, Postgres, cloud stuff (mainly AWS products)


Here's a timeline of notable things (work, projects, school):

  • Feb 2023: πŸŽ‰ Hit 1000 accounts on resume.lol!
  • Jan 2023: πŸŽ‰ Hit 100 accounts on resume.lol!
  • Dec 2022: 🚒 Shipped Accounts, saved resumes, and a whole backend for πŸ“„ ✨ resume.lol
  • Feb 2022: πŸ“„ ✨ Started working on the Markdown + CSS resume tool and rebranded it to resume.lol
  • Jan 2022: πŸ₯§ Bought a Raspberry Pi and started hacking on it doing projects
  • Dec 2021: 3️⃣ 0️⃣ Was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 Gaming category for 2022
  • Oct 2021: 🚚 Moved back down to LA to be close to the Riot campus
  • July 2021: πŸŽ‰ Kanga gets acquired by Riot Games! Myself and the rest of the team join Riot Games on their Esports team to build new products and augment lolesports
  • May 2021: Update my personal site again! πŸ”₯
  • April 2021: Ship 🚒 Meld.so using Bedrock and TailwindCSS working 2 weeks worth of nights and weekend.
  • Dec 2020: Begin working on some new juicy projects at work πŸ™Š
  • Oct 2020: Ship 🚒 some fun side projects, like hydrohomie.xyz, domainh.ax, resumdx.com, lofi.vote
  • Sept 2020: Ship 🚒 Kanga.gg, the content hub for creators and their fans, as a website
  • May 2020: Ship 🚒 Operator.gg, a TV guide for VALORANT streams, on the day that VALORANT went into closed beta
  • April 2020: Find β–²Vercel and Next.js and immediately fall in love with the ecosystem. Also find theme-ui and get elated that there's a theme-able styled-system-based CSS-in-JS UI library.
  • Feb 2020: NYC πŸ›« Seattle. My lease just ended and COVID was on the verge of getting bad. I wanted to fly back to Seattle where I felt more at home.
  • Aug 2019: Ship 🚒 the second Kanga product! Kanga 2 (obviously) was a New Tab Chrome extension that aggregated content from your favorite content creators and put it in 1 place!
  • May 2019: Ship 🚒 the first Kanga product! A Honey-like Chrome Extension that was a TV Guide for League of Legends streams β€” the first of its kind!
  • Feb 2019: Join kanga.gg as a cofounder and engineer out in NYC πŸ—½ with some friends! Kanga's mission is to bring content creators and their fans closer together.
  • Oct 2018: Attend the YC Hackathon and ship 🚒 a learn-to-code via video game examples platform in 36 hours (and later get DMCA'd by a Fortnite/Epic Games lawyer lol)
  • Sept 2018: Start working full-time as a New Grad Software Engineer at Redfin working on the Mortgage team 🏠 πŸ’°
  • August 2018: Ship 🚒 Noni, and talk to 50 restaurant managers / owners in a week to see if any restaurants want to be customers. Land 1 customer.
  • June 2018: Begin on a 9-week adventure πŸ›« to Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. During this trip, I enjoyed vacation and lived as a digital nomad building noni.menu
  • June 2018: Graduate from UW with a Bachelors of Science in Informatics. The iSchool is my school! My Senior Capstone project also won the Research Award πŸ€“
  • April 2018: πŸ—£οΈ Give my first dev talk about a Slack-like React emoji picker using react-virtualized
  • Mar 2018: Begin a quick internship for Strix Leviathan, a cryto hedge fund
  • Feb 2018: 🍜 Begin hacking on a 3D/AR food menu app called noni.menu with some friends across the US
  • Feb 2018: Ship 🚒 meme.dating πŸ’ž πŸ˜‚ a dating app where you match with people based off of meme preference.
  • Jan 2018: Begin working on my Senior Capstone project, collaborating on misinformation / disinformation research with Snopes πŸ”¦
  • Mar 2017: Begin a 6-month internship at Curalate
  • June 2016: Begin my first internship at Smartsheet. Fun Fact: I got the job because I asked about internships in a Customer Support Ticket!
  • April 2016: Begin working on Climb, my first real collaborate size project. We attempted to analyze (and mostly solved) professional League of Legends matches programmatically.
  • Oct 2015: Attend DUBHACKS, my first hackathon, and fell in love with building and the tech industry.
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