A bit about me

I'm a Full-Stack Engineer and I like to build cool shit. As you can see with the below timeline, I like to build and ship 🚒 products often, as working on new and interesting problems energizes me.

In the mornings, I like a nice single-origin Chemex pour-over whilst listening to Up First and The Daily (jeez that was even obnoxious to write... πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ oh well). In the afternoons, I like to go for a run, listening to The Indicator, Planet Money, and/or My First Million.

In my free time, you can find me grinding on the VALORANT or League of Legends ladders. I'm currently comfortably mid-Gold MMR in both. If I'm not feeling up to playing games, chances are I'm hacking on a side project of some sort β€” either learning new tech or attempting to build a cash-flow positive side hustle.

Occasionally, I will play around and customize my mechanical keyboard. My current specs are: IDOBAO ID80, Durock stabs, 62g Tangerine switches, and Infinikey Cafe keycaps.

Here's the stack that I like to work with:

  • Frontend: React, Nextjs (hosted on Vercel), theme-ui/styled-system/styled-components, TailwindCSS
  • Backend: Golang, Postgres, cloud stuff (mainly AWS products)


Here's a timeline of notable things (work, projects, school):

  • May 2021: Update my personal site again! πŸ”₯
  • April 2021: Ship 🚒 Meld.so using Bedrock and TailwindCSS working 2 weeks worth of nights and weekend.
  • Dec 2020: Begin working on some new juicy projects at work πŸ™Š
  • Oct 2020: Ship 🚒 some fun side projects, like hydrohomie.xyz, domainh.ax, resumdx.com, lofi.vote
  • Sept 2020: Ship 🚒 Kanga.gg, the content hub for creators and their fans, as a website
  • May 2020: Ship 🚒 Operator.gg, a TV guide for VALORANT streams, on the day that VALORANT went into closed beta
  • April 2020: Find β–²Vercel and Next.js and immediately fall in love with the ecosystem. Also find theme-ui and get elated that there's a theme-able styled-system-based CSS-in-JS UI library.
  • Feb 2020: NYC πŸ›« Seattle. My lease just ended and COVID was on the verge of getting bad. I wanted to fly back to Seattle where I felt more at home.
  • Aug 2019: Ship 🚒 the second Kanga product! Kanga 2 (obviously) was a New Tab Chrome extension that aggregated content from your favorite content creators and put it in 1 place!
  • May 2019: Ship 🚒 the first Kanga product! A Honey-like Chrome Extension that was a TV Guide for League of Legends streams β€” the first of its kind!
  • Feb 2019: Join kanga.gg as a cofounder and engineer out in NYC πŸ—½ with some friends! Kanga's mission is to bring content creators and their fans closer together.
  • Oct 2018: Attend the YC Hackathon and ship 🚒 a learn-to-code via video game examples platform in 36 hours (and later get DMCA'd by a Fortnite/Epic Games lawyer lol)
  • Sept 2018: Start working full-time as a New Grad Software Engineer at Redfin working on the Mortgage team 🏠 πŸ’°
  • August 2018: Ship 🚒 Noni, and talk to 50 restaurant managers / owners in a week to see if any restaurants want to be customers. Land 1 customer.
  • June 2018: Begin on a 9-week adventure πŸ›« to Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand. During this trip, I enjoyed vacation and lived as a digital nomad building noni.menu
  • June 2018: Graduate from UW with a Bachelors of Science in Informatics. The iSchool is my school! My Senior Capstone project also won the Research Award πŸ€“
  • April 2018: πŸ—£οΈ Give my first dev talk about a Slack-like React emoji picker using react-virtualized
  • Mar 2018: Begin a quick internship for Strix Leviathan, a cryto hedge fund
  • Feb 2018: 🍜 Begin hacking on a 3D/AR food menu app called noni.menu with some friends across the US
  • Feb 2018: Ship 🚒 meme.dating πŸ’ž πŸ˜‚ a dating app where you match with people based off of meme preference.
  • Jan 2018: Begin working on my Senior Capstone project, collaborating on misinformation / disinformation research with Snopes πŸ”¦
  • Mar 2017: Begin a 6-month internship at Curalate
  • June 2016: Begin my first internship at Smartsheet. Fun Fact: I got the job because I asked about internships in a Customer Support Ticket!
  • April 2016: Begin working on Climb, my first real collaborate size project. We attempted to analyze (and mostly solved) professional League of Legends matches programmatically.
  • Oct 2015: Attend DUBHACKS, my first hackathon, and fell in love with building and the tech industry.
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