Simple Analytics is Great

Evan Frawley
Jan 25, 2022
3m read

When I revamped by personal site, I used Lee Robinson's site as inspiration. One of the things I liked most that his site has is view counts on the articles that he has written. I wanted to have the same.

A screenshot of Lee Robinson's website

Researching a bit and looking into the repo, at the time, Lee was calling the Google Analytics API directly from the NextJS API routes.

At some point in time, I saw Pieter Levels tweet some of his graphs for his websites and it the data was collected through Simple Analytics.

After comparing the documentation and API references side by side, I decided to go with Simple Analytics because the API documentation seems far more straightforward, and many browsers and adblockers shouldn't block Simple Analytics, especially if I am using a self hosted version of it under Although Simple Analytics is a yearly subscription, I figured the lack of headaches and dev annoyance would far outweigh saving $100.

Simple Analytics also allows you to track data on unlimited sites with your subscription. That should be great when I launch more side projects 😄

It was super fast to get up and running, and voila, I have view counts on my pages too. Thanks for the inspiration Lee!

// Simple NextJS API route to fetch the page views!
import fetch from "node-fetch";
export default async function handler(req, res) {
// pages = 1 or many slugs to query
const pages = req.query.pages;
const headers = {
"Api-Key": process.env.SA_API_KEY,
if (!pages) { ... }
const url = "" +
"/" +
"?version=5" +
"&info=false" +
"&start=2021-05-10" +
"&fields=pages,pageviews" +
const response = await fetch(url, { headers }
).then((r) => r.json());
if (!response?.pages) { ... }
const pagesResponse = response?.pages
.map(({ value, pageviews }) => {
return {
path: value,

The dashboard is pretty sick!

A screenshot of some data from the dashboard

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